Idaho and Mental Health Services

The last few years of budget cuts have been hard on the citizens that depend on public services.  But no more so than for those that have significan mental illness. We have decreased H&W staff and limited services by private providers.  Most of our commercial health insurance policies have limited benefits, and people with

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Idaho Health Insurance Exchange–the battle lines are being drawn

This week the troops on each side of the State vs. Federal health insurance exchange were beginning to draw up into battle formation. On Monday, former Utah Governor and former HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt came to town to give his opinion.  Basically, any semblance of "Idaho" control requires that we begin progress and show an effort

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An Idaho Health Insurance Exchange; possible or not?

The first week of the Legislative session here in Idaho is often hectic.  Committees starting, new secretaries and pages, a budget proposal by the Governor and lots of politicing.  The kicker this year was the additional bustle around the proposal for an Idaho health insurance exchange. First, a brief explanation of how I visualize

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